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The Trinidad Coastal Land Trust is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting for the public benefit the natural beauty and character of Humboldt County from Little River to Big Lagoon.


2017 Newsletter

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What We Do

The Trinidad Coastal Land Trust (TCLT) is tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered with the State of California and the IRS since 1979. As stated in our mission, TCLT is “dedicated to protecting for the public benefit the natural beauty and character of Humboldt County from Little River to Big Lagoon.” The primary service we offer is to hold title to properties and easements and to provide stewardship of these holdings in the public trust.

TCLT currently holds title to 9 properties and 11 easements in the greater Trinidad area. They include some of the most popular coastal destinations in northern Humboldt County, including Houda Point (a.k.a. Camel Rock), Baker Beach, north Luffenholtz Beach and the public parking access easement at Moonstone Beach.

Public Benefits

TCLT has historically worked with landowners, community residents, local government, Native American interests, as well as the Trust for Public Land, CA Coastal Commission, State Coastal Conservancy, and both the state and federal Fish & Wildlife agencies to a) ensure public access to coastal areas on holdings designated for this purpose, b) conserve natural areas for scenic, natural, recreational and spiritual values, and c) provide the community with a non-government means whereby land and water resources and places of historical, community or regional significance can be protected.

Current Needs

The TCLT Board of Directors have prioritized four primary goals to guide our future efforts: 1) provide effective management of existing and future conservation holdings, 2) increase engagement with stakeholders and partners to steward protected areas, 3) develop internal processes that support effective management, community engagement, and a sustainable organization, and 4) cultivate additional funding opportunities to sustain and increase TCLT capacity.

Note there are increasing needs to address property stewardship (i.e., taking care of and maintaining trails and public use areas for public use and public benefits), and to provide outdoor education and outreach programs. Our most limiting factor is the need for a dedicated funding source to provide the budget and resources necessary to address these opportunities and challenges. Private donations and planned gifts are necessary if TCLT is to provide for the protection of these public benefits in perpetuity.

Current Projects

In 2016 we hired our first part-time executive director employee to work on several conservation projects and program development. Two major public trail projects of regional significance include a collaborative effort to develop the Little River Trail (an extension to the Hammond Trail) on a 15- acre parcel TCLT acquired from Green Diamond Resource Co. in April 2015. We are also working with Green Diamond to purchase the Strawberry Rock Trail and adjacent redwood grove. We are also working with other private landowners and local government to prioritize additional trail projects and conservation acquisitions. In October 2015, we completed a 3-year $100,000 capital campaign to fund the construction of the new Simmons Gallery/TCLT office. This new building is located at Saunders Park adjacent to the Trinidad Public Library and Trinidad Museum, city park and botanical gardens, on property gifted to TCLT in 2004. It functions as an office as well as an art gallery and special events venue.

New Name and Articles

In 2011, The Humboldt North Coast Land Trust changed its name to the Trinidad Coastal Land Trust to better reflect our area of focus. In 2017, we revised our Articles of Incorporation to best reflect our purpose and mission.

For more information:

Please contact our new Executive Director Ben Morehead, or any of our volunteer board members, with questions and inquiries.

Trinidad Coastal Land Trust
PO Box 457
Trinidad, CA 95570

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